Thursday, June 10, 2010

Updated Garden, Yard, and More..


cathy said...

Hi Wake!

These are such beautiful pictures! Are all the flowering plants in your yard, or from a park nearby? What is the light purple stalk-y flower -- last picture?

I didn't remember you having a dog -- or is this just a visitor? What a glorious coat! *happy sigh* I can't resist a fuzzy face.

nicholas said...

Hey Wakes! That caymen looks like bad news. Killer post on Helen Thomas.

Hey, do me a favor? Drop a brief comment or two on this gal Early Parades.


cathy said...

PS I really like the new look for your site, too.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

The flowers are all ours along with the doggie. Long story short: She found US! Not sure of the mix, but vet seems to think the look and the howling (very few barks) indicate some kind of Northern type dog mix with Collie. Who knows. But the point is she's great.

Purple flower is a butterfly bush. I wanted to label all these but it slipped the brain for some reason.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

PS to Nick:

Alexandra has a big mouth, and certainly would like to think she can wolf down hooves and bones of cattle, but she's not QUITE that large. But she means business for certain. She dosen't bother Pam and the boys.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

Re: The new format?

Was time for Changy-Change, and a color scheme change we could all believe in!